Goodness gracious – Reggae From Finland

Goodness gracious - Reggae From Finland

Reggae, Dub and Ska from the deep swamps of Finland. Fat Belt
Records has gathered the best of finnish reggae to this album. The music is authentic and true to the roots of Jamaican reggae.

This compilation introduces the cream of finnish reggae artists. The album represents a variety of music from finnish producers, singers and groups, from traditional 70’s styley Roots Reggae to Ska. All tracks are previously unreleased.

The album starts with a 70’s style dub from Studio Red “Puffin’ Dub”, a studio project from the musician/producer, Deadly Kojak. This is followed up with singer, Hosni’s song, “Easy” which is a crossover between todays and 70’s sound, produced by Lightman & The Flexatones, One of the album’s highlights. Momo Cat, Papa Zai and producer Bommitommi introduces you to a 90’s style riddim with a track named “Pressure”. Lightman has dug another jewl, “Barely Human” from his dusty 8-track archives. Again great melodica playing and an astonishing organ solo in the end of the track. The compilation then features Natty Kauka, Puppa J and the band Tasottavat with “Heart Not Clean”. A mix between old and new roots reggae/dancehall sound. From a city called Jyväskylä in the middle of Finland comes Blood Dracula. A new name in the Finnish reggae scene. A dubbed instrumental track “Happy Boy” that will make your lips turn up into a smile. Singer, Puppa J and the producer, Deadly Kojak continue with their collaboration, “Tree Of Life”. Then comes Deadly Kojak and Giorgio Live from Studio Red with a deep dub “Nights Inna Dubtank”.

The stage is now set for Jukka Poika & Jenkkarekka. “Sticks For The Stove” is about living in Finnish countryside. Jukka Poika is probably the best known reggae artist in Finland. The track is produced by Didier Selin. Le Logan Rockérs impresses with an instrumental, “Rootsikka Mello” that has a true lo-fi sound. Have a listen to the bongo player ! To keep things interesting, next up is a Ska tune. The Valkyrians increases the tempo for a while with “Valkyrians Ska”. Blood Dracula with “Speeding” decreases the tempo a bit with a reggae/dub track with afrofunk influences. Lightman comes up with another of his older tracks, “Yasser Gosser” which has a strong middle eastern, maybe even bit klezmer style vibes. The last two tracks are from a band Roots Cultivation. “Mama Africa” is a strong classic roots reggae song. The CD is closed with a beatiful Dub, “Fruits And Flowers Dub” produced by Bommitommi.

Just what is an ESTA visa for the USA?

Just what is an ESTA visa for the USA

How amazing would it be to plan a trip to the US for summer vacations or for a honeymoon? People spend millions of dollars on traveling every year and are yet not able to enjoy the luxuries of their dream place. One such wonder world to travel to is the US, but we got to wait and check whether we are eligible for entering the premises or not. A new system known as Electronic System for Travel Authorization is available for all those who want to check their eligibility for visiting the United States.

However this system is often disguised as letting know about an applicant’s acceptability in a country, but that’s not the case. The software asks a series of biographical questions and would know even the mundane details of a foreign resident then will let know whether they are eligible for applying for a visit or not. It is strictly recommended to apply on time to check the eligibility. This system brings with it a lot of benefits.

This system is very fast, the candidates may apply 72 hours prior to their visit to the US and upon which the applications might be processed within minutes even. This authorization process is valid for 2years consecutively. Travelers have the positive point of not having to go through the procedure of making new applications for if their stay is as long as 90 days. It takes less than 10 minutes for the applicants of 38 countries which are officially registered in this system, to submit their applications and get processed. The candidates who are eligible are happy as they are now able to save a large amount of their money and valuable time before coming to the Unites States.

ESTA America is a mandatory procedure now for most of the countries. This system was made compulsory for everyone to go through owing to the events of 9/11 and proper implementation was started from the year 2007. A good point which can also not be overlooked is that the fee for this procedure is as low as $14 and the US citizens may get a complete waiver off if they claim to be the natives of that place on the official website. The payment made on websites is a part of the procedure, however there have been other websites as well which offer the same services but cannot be trusted at times. No matter what happens, there is nothing wrong with going through this not so difficult procedure before entering the US. America happens to be a community of shared values and beliefs, where people from all parts of the world pour in. a trip to the US is certainly what everyone should be looking forward to once in a lifetime.

Places to see in Sri Lanka

Places to see in Sri Lanka

Are you fond of traveling? Do you find pleasure in seeing wonderful seashores and wild animals? Then you might consider visiting the country of Sri Lanka. The places to see in Sri Lanka have seduced a number of guest and travelers for many years now. The great Venetian merchant traveler Marco Polo described it as one of the beautiful islands despite its size.

Through the continuous waves of Arab, Indian and European countries, businessmen and adventurers gather to its gorgeous shores, wonderful stones, magnificent elephants, and the attractive rare spices. In the midst of the waters of Indian Ocean, the island’s great reputation for preserved natural beauty has been creating excitement, especially to the first time travelers.

It seems that the place has been wonderfully designed by the great Creator. Most geographers see the island as creatively placed like a teardrop falling from the country of India or likened to the design of a pearl where lovers perceive it as a very romantic island.

Sri Lanka is blessed with an extraordinary variety of places to visit and relax within its humble physical distinct dimensions, and smaller other islands of size can show off a beautiful but just natural environment in diversity. The coast is often refreshingly undeveloped but still, the beauty of great beaches is really apparent, while the convincing various landscapes, jungles, home to a wide number of elephants, leopards, and the rare bird species, to the hazy heights of the mounted country with vast tea plantations. The island has a lot of attractions.

Places to see in Sri Lanka have grown in numbers over the years, and its remarkable achievements have also increased over time. Great religious monuments and ruined cities still can be found on the island.

The glories of the old Buddhist civilization have continued to present a standard of national identity for the island’s population. Its benchmark of unique cultural identity has been the country’s stronghold. There’s more to the country than just Buddhism. The island’s geological position has gained influences from the neighboring countries. Up to now, the Arab, Malay, Dutch, Portuguese and British colonizer have cleverly transformed its culture, including its cuisine and architecture.

However, this diversity that has long threatened to set the country apart did not succeed due to constant understanding among its people no matter the differences. Until today the island is still experiencing peace and people have been encouraging other people around the globe to visit the island and check for places to see in Sri Lanka.

Just what is an eTA visa for Sri Lanka?

Just what is an eTA visa for Sri Lanka

Visa is a document that gives the person permission to enter that country. This document is given by the authorized immigration service of the country only after the proper application process is completed. Usually getting a visa for any country is not a very easy task. This is where online visa services get helpful provided you choose the apt one. It is good to do some research work before you hire the service of any one firm. Make sure they are authentic and are registered with the country where you are planning to visit.

What is an eTA visa for Sri Lanka?

Perhaps you are the one who plans to visit Sri Lanka. Well, you need to be sure that make every effort to find the final services so that your visa will pass without any problems. Therefore, you must be very specific in finding the ultimate source, where it will definitely help in serving your goal, where it will also lead to pride in your own good choice. If you are able to find the right option, this will help you cope with your goal, which will lead to free from any concern.

Therefore, your own right choice can help in adding to your goal, where you can relax and unwind until your Visa is executed perfectly. Thanks to the best ETA Sri Lanka, this would allow you to add your own good satisfaction without any problems. Thus, your own perfect choice can help you find yourself in a tense state, which in turn will help to cope with your goal without any reason to strain.

  • Does it save time?: You need to make sure that you find the right services that save a lot of time. Therefore, you must provide good steps when it really helps you get rid of any stresses or worries. Thus, your own ideal research can definitely add to your own satisfaction, where it will help in the right goal.
  • Get all the important details: It is equally important for you to ensure that you receive all the important details of a tourist visa to Sri Lanka online that will help you add your own satisfaction without any problems. Therefore, you definitely need to try to make your best foot forward to find yourself many knowledgeable people who would help meet your requirements without any reason to worry.
  • Contact them: you need to make sure that you have found the right idea for an online ETA application in Sri Lanka that will serve your purpose. Therefore, you should definitely try to contact them as soon as possible, when it makes you proud of your own choice, made in the right order. Therefore, with your own good choice, it will help you stay in a tense state where you can enjoy your visit to Sri Lanka without any problems.

Requirements for eTA visa to Cambodia

Requirements for eTA visa to Cambodia

Everything You should Know

Have the thought of going to the Kingdom of Cambodia crossed your mind? Whether you are going there for a business trip or for a vacation, there is one important thing that you should keep in mind.

It is of great importance to get an e visa Cambodia.But what is this so called, eTA Visa?

What is an eTA Visa to Cambodia?

The eTA Visa is also known as the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to Cambodia. It serves as an electronic Visa which allows you to stay in Cambodia for at least 30 days from the day you have entered their country.

However, you should be reminded that an eTA Visa has only a tree-month validity from the date that it was issued. So you should be sure that when you apply, your estimated time for traveling in Cambodia is well-timely.

Requirements for eTA Visa to Cambodia

Since eTA is meant to be an easy process, there is no need for you to worry that much about the requirements for eTA Visa to Cambodia. Here are the simple steps that you should know about getting one.

Steps on how to get an eTA Visa to Cambodia:

  • Application for Visa
    when you are submitting an application for your eTA Visa to Cambodia, you should just fill out the form online. The eVisa form is available on legitimate websites that process eTA Visa to Cambodia.
  • Payment
    After filling out the eTA Visa online form, you can now make a confirmation and make a payment through online. You can also wait for the approval of your Visa for at least three business days.
  • Download your Visa
    Lastly, you can simply download your eTA Visa once it is already confirmed. A PDF format is available once you have made a confirmation for your Visa.
    Other Alternatives for Getting a Visa

Well, aside from making an application online, you can also apply for a Visa once you arrive in Cambodia. There are five Airports in Cambodia where you can make an application for a Visa.

Airports in Cambodia

  1. Bavet (SvayRieng) Port
  2. Poi Pet (BanteayMeanchey) Port
  3. Cham Yeam (Koh Kong) Port
  4. Siem Reap International Airport
  5. Phnom Penh International Airport

But you should be aware that the application for Visa in Cambodian airports may also mean higher fees for the Visa. Just keep in mind that your passport should also have at least six months of validity.

Now you are ready to depart. So, welcome aboard! Enjoy wandering around the historical Kingdom of Cambodia!

Everything Your need to know to navigate the streets of Cambodia

Everything Your need to know to navigate the streets of Cambodia

Cambodia which is officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia is a country located in the southern portion of Indochina Peninsula which is the Southeast part of Asia. The country has a population of over 15 million people with the official religion of the country residents being Theravada Buddhism which is practiced by over 95 % of the population.

The Cambodia National Museum

To navigate the streets of Cambodia, the National Museum is a must know. This is a place which preserves the country’s ancient things including stone, metal, and wood as well as other ceramic treasures that you need to know of so as to dig up the Cambodia history. The museum is Cambodia centerpiece for a lively neighborhood just near a river and filled with so many restaurants, art galleries as well as boutiques thus giving you a good shopping block with the great stops such as the Garden of Desire.


Security has been a great factor to be considered in Cambodia for anyone who wishes to pay the place a visit. To have a good stay first and foremost you need to establish a good and safe hotel for your valuable. Minimizing the items that you need to carry around is also very important to consider as you ought to make sure that the bag’s strap is over your shoulder at all times and away from the roads to deter thieves on motorbikes from snatching it. Tuk-tuks are also very common in Cambodia and the metal grills on the back and side that offers protection against bag snatching.

Cambodia Rainy Seasons

The Cambodia rainy seasons is something else that adds to your list of everything you need to know to navigate the streets of Cambodia. The most interesting thing about the place is that during the rainy season the rain doesn’t pour throughout the day unlike in most places. You find that it can just rain for twenty minutes or so and then the rain stops. Hence that will not hinder you from doing the activities of the day and spending your moments touring the city.

Finalizing the list of everything you need to know to navigate the streets of Cambodia, there is no need to plan excessively because in Cambodia there are many guides in the area and most of them are highly trained and will be able to guide you through. It’s therefore advisable to hire someone instead of stressing yourself planning your tour and on the other hand, you don’t know the place well.



Essentials for adventure travelers in India

Essentials for adventure travelers in India

If we talk regarding the traveling experience of the solo travelers, there might be different reactions. But there is constantly a positive feedback from those travelers who pursue simple tips and include the same to make their travel experience the most wonderful one. Going alone is not merely significant to gain a lifetime experience but moreover to spend some quality time with yourself.

Here are Essentials for Adventure Travelers in India:

A) Advance Planning- Do not get into creates the detailed plan, however, plans your first-day reside well. Make the sure inveterate advance booking of the hotel room before you leave.

B) Light Packing- Pack directly those-those are manageable for you. If you horde your stuff elegantly, a suitcase one carry-on, as well as a backpack, would be sufficient for your trip of a week or more.

C) Arrival during the Day- If probable ensures you reach your destination at the new city during the day time.

D) Mix with Others- Although traveling, make temporary friends. Intermingle with other travelers that you gather at the hotel. As well as exchange travel counsel.

E) Interact with Locals- Communicate with locals also make sure you hear some of the common expression in the local language like hello, thank you, sorry, etc. would aid in making an impression along with start communication.

F) Excursion- Do not keep you in the hotel room. Voyage yourself. Prepare a trip as well as explore the lanes of the city also popular attractions by yourself. Voyaging yourself will make you study about tipping, local transportation and so on.

G) Be Frank- Be self-assured enough while starting any communication with strangers. A smirk is one of the best and easy ways to initiate the conversation. Do not vacillate in questioning.

H) Take pleasure in Yourself- In the evening, make sure you trip the hotspots of the city to enjoy the nightlife. Social gathering at bars and pubs, live concerts and so on, are some of the actions that you can enjoy being solo.

I) Do Not Starve- Do not filter to dine alone? You may too ask the locals eating there to place an order for you as well as thereon you may begin a conversation.

J) Take Courses- If your travel trip engages longer time at one location, take up a few classes to stay you engaged. Altogether, you will also study and get to be familiar with new people.

K) Dodge of The Way- Seems for travelers with some of the similar interest? Travel during the lanes that are not so admired. There you will find few tourists. Slighter the number more is the possibility of interaction.

L) Carry the Essentials- Create a list of all essentials that you require to carry along and make sure you do not leave out any while packing. Keep a copy of important contact numbers, and relevant documents as that could aid you in a case of emergency.

M) Keep vital Documents in One Place- Keep all the originals of the required documentation in a single location safely. Would decrease the hassle while you travel.

N) Deem Your impulse- Be alert as well as keep a close watch on what is going around. Do not overlook your inner voice. If you stumble on something wrong, do not go on with it.

What to take for a family vacation in Canada?

What to take for a family vacation in Canada

If you’re putting together a family summer vacation in Canada, finding activities that all family members will enjoy probably ranks high on your to-do list. For a great start, consider these top family friendly activities that kids and adults of all ages will enjoy.


There are many relatively short, fairly flat hikes in Canada Park that are kid friendly while providing spectacular views, the chance to spot wildlife and more. Hiking in the beautiful outdoors is a great way to develop a love of physical activity and an affinity for nature. Keep younger kids occupied by encouraging them to look for interesting plants or counting flowers along the way.

Stop by one of the park offices in Canada or Lake Louise for a detailed trail listing and basic maps. Good starting options and kids often enjoy the short interpretive trek up the Rockpile found at Moraine Lake where they can pretend to be mountain goats.

Visiting sled dogs

While dog sledding is not a summer option, Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours offer the opportunity to meet and visit with the dogs in the summer. Cuddle with adorable huskie puppies and enjoy a tour of the facility, learning about the tradition of dog sledding through demonstrations. This is always a hit with the kids and many adults as well.

Family float trip

A family-friendly float trip down one of the spectacular rivers found in the Banff region is a great way to introduce kids to white water rafting, even children as young as five can participate in one of the mild Canadian Rockies river-rafting trip through Canadian Outback Adventures.

There are plenty of more thrilling river adventures that are sure to satisfy their taste for adventure and encourage them to break away from that cell phone or video game.

Explore a cave

At the Cave and Basin National Historic site in the park, visitors can go inside the cave and watch the bubbling sulfur hot springs in this basin that was discovered over 100 years ago. An interactive display along a short marsh boardwalk tells the story.

If your kids at least ten years old, you might consider taking them on a guided trip through one of the many ancient caves that were sculpted in this region hundreds of thousands of years ago. These amazing tunnels are sure to fascinate with winding passages and chambers filled with stalactites, stalagmites, animal bones, and fossils.

Ride the gondola

Riding the Lake Louise gondola is sure to thrill everyone in the family with some of the most inspirational views in the park as well as the opportunity to spot wildlife from above, including Grizzly bears, moose, mountain goats, bighorn sheep and more. Peak viewing time is between June and September – ideal for your summer family vacation.

How to apply for visa eTA to Australia?

How to apply for visa eTA to Australia

What you need to know about the visa eTA to Australia?

There are a lot of information and knowledge that you must be aware of before thinking of embarking on how to apply for visa eTA to Australia. Australia is a country many tourist and business men and women are interested in owing to the fact that the country is endowed with beautiful beaches and an enabling environment coupled with an ideal business strategy.

The electronic travel authority [ETA] was introduced in the system because of the complicated visa process that existed in the country for tourist before. This visa can be made available for you within minutes depending on the country you are from the visa can only last for a year maximum, once your visa is granted you can enter the country multiple times, during that one year a tourist can enter and stay up to 3 months on each visit, you must put in mind while scouting on how to apply visa eTA to Australia that the visa is strictly meant for tourist and business purposes, the Australian government does not permit work on this visa through a volunteer work may be permitted, the visa is also meant for visitation of friends and family.

Types of visa eTA to Australia

There are basically four types of tourist visas to Australia, they include:

  • The tourist ETA­­­­­­­­­­­: this is the type of visa that is meant for tourism, the tourism in the country includes Recreation, Holidays, visiting family and friends. The visa is valid for one year and multiple entries are allowed for 3 months
  • The Business ETA: this type of visa only applies to people who are willing to do business in the country and they include negotiation or for an exploration visit, also for conferences. The visa is valid for one year also and multiple entries up to 3 times within that year is allowed.
  • Long- Stay E600 visitor visa: this type of visa is meant for tourist and travelers to stay in the country for up to twelve months straight, depending on the length that one had applied for and one must hold a passport from an eligible country.
  • Paper- Based 600 visitor visa: this type of visa allows travelers to stay in Australia for up to twelve months provided that you are a UK based citizen and that you hold a passport from an eligible country.

Process of application for visa

For one to be able to be successful in acquiring the Australia visa, this steps must be followed:

  • Complete the registration online, you can google online ETA application
  • Then you enter your traveling information and your passport details.
  • After you might have made the payment, your application is then processed online instantly and linked to your passport number.
  • Your ETA status is then confirmed by an email within some minutes.

In conclusion, the Australian government deems it that you have a visa before entry, unless you are an Australian passport holder or that you are eligible for New Zealand passport holder. Australia is a country full of amazing tourist and business opportunities and the process for applying her visa ETA is just as simple as you can ever imagine. Are you a tourist, business person and or your family or friends are in the country and you want to visit them, now you know the process, why not try now to explore Australia!.

Hidden waterfalls in Myanmar

Hidden waterfalls in Myanmar

Myanmar is filled with tropical beauty and the waterfalls add to this elegance. There are a number of famous waterfalls and some of these are hidden among the wilderness. These places are hard to reach but once you get there, you will be fully satisfied with the grace these natural marvels have to offer.To visit Myanmar check this page:

Anisakan Waterfall

This fall is located deep in the jungle off 9km from the Myanmar city of Pyin Oo Lwin  You can drive to the car park and then have to walk for some one hour to get to the foot of this fall. The fall is in its full splendor during the rainy season. The height is estimated to be around 120 meters.

Hampshire Waterfall

This fall is 8km off Pyin Oo Lwin. This fall is a great place to visit with kids. A lot of people come here for picnics. It has a lot of splendor compared to the height.

Pin Tauk Waterfall

You have to take a steep climb up to Akha village and from there take a winding road through the jungle to get to this waterfall. You can hear the water rushing down the mountain from a long distance. The hot and tiresome trekking will end at the rock pool below the waterfall and it is a great place to have a picnic and dip in the natural pools.

Zin Kayak Waterfall

This is located close to the famous Golden Temple and thus gets crowded during the pilgrim season in the month of Waso, the fourth month in the Burmese calendar. The waterfall is best seen during the rainy season and in the dry season it can almost completely dry up.

Dee Dote Waterfall

From Pyin U Lwin, it takes about two hours to get here. It is recommended taking a motorbike as the roads are not good. This must be the most scenic out of the five hidden waterfalls in Myanmar mentioned in this article. The natural pools are blue in color and invite any visitor to take a dip in them. The blue water here is not seen in many other places and inside the thick jungles of Myanmar; this place will look like paradise itself.

Myanmar is a great place to travel and the hidden waterfalls of Myanmar add to its beauty. These are some of the must-visit places in your visit to this wonderful country. A natural pool next to a stunning waterfall in the heart of tropical rainforest is unmatched by any start class luxuries anywhere on Earth.

How much does it cost for an eTA Visa India?

How much does it cost for an eTA Visa India

The country is overpopulated and trying to obtain a visa can be somewhat difficult but being able to travel around mystical India will forever change the way you see the world.

To get the ball rolling on preparing for your vacation to India, start by taking a look at your passport.

Apparently, he filed for an India tourist visa, and they had requested references before approval. So who does he call? His trusty travel agent. We were able to submit the paperwork and get him across the border in time to attend his sister’s wedding.

Purchase ahead of time. Try to allow yourself at least one week for any red tape. My client was not anticipating filing references, and this added six days to the waiting period. When you do apply, be prepared to fill out an application, proof of onward travel, and two additional photos. As with any government institution, the rules change quickly, so confirm the details with you embassy beforehand.

Same day service is possible, provided there aren’t any snags to slow the process any. If you have been to India before and everything went smoothly, you can usually get same day service for an additional fee. However, I recommend book ahead of time just in case.

US citizens must pay $73 for an India tourist travel visa; other nationalities can pay as little as $53. It’s important to factor visa expenses into your budget; if you are border-hopping a lot on your trip, the costs can get quite high in a short amount of time. Keep in mind that you must pay the consular fee and a service fee. Think of Ticketmaster, but more bureaucratic. On second thought, don’t.

Speaking of bureaucracy, there is no country in the world more embedded in red tape than India. I cannot stress this point enough: to avoid a never ending the onslaught of delays, file all your paperwork for an India tourist travel visa before arriving in India. This alone will save you countless headaches.

Once you have all the requirements nailed down, head on over to the consulate in your jurisdiction. You will drop off your application to one of the Travis associates and given a receipt for pick up.

The processing times vary depending on which consulate you will be applying at. It’s also possible to speed up the processing by paying a slightly higher amount if your trip is coming up very soon.

As far as the validity length goes, you can choose between a six-month visa and six-year multiple entry visas. Now that you know how to obtain a visa to India, you can set your sights on all the exciting activities you’ll be enjoying there.

Do you need a visa to go to Canada?

Do you need a visa to go to Canada

When applying for a foreign visa, most tourists expect that the processing time will not take more than a few weeks. Unfortunately, this assumption is often incorrect. In many cases, applications for a visa can last for a year or even longer. Even for an accelerated Canadian Super Visa, you need to know what to do to get approval and get a visa as soon as possible.

While Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) initially promised a processing period of not more than eight weeks for parents and grandparents applying for Super Visa, this is often not the case. Applicants should expect a longer response unless they take proactive steps to speed up the process. Here are two ideas that can help reduce expectations.On this page you can set up an electronic Visa:

Applying to the US Consulate

If you live in the United States, it may be easier for you to apply for a Super Visa if you personally visit the Consulate of Canada in New York or another consulate that is closer to your home. According to the testimony and blogs of some people who have successfully applied for a Super Visa, you can indeed go to the consulate without a designated appointment.

One successful applicant, who was personally submitted to the consulate in New York, was interviewed by an employee and subsequently approved for a Higher Visa within one day. It may seem impossible, but it happened earlier and can happen to you. Just do not forget to bring along all the necessary documents, including confirmation of the Super Visa insurance policy when you apply. Thus, if the consulate is open to improvised interviews, you can be given one.

In this situation, we will assume that the applicant was a young parent or grandparent with clean led health from an acknowledged doctor, hospital or clinic. All other requirements of Super Visa are simple documents and certificates that can be easily requested at the relevant office. The same can not be said about health, because Canada, like any other country in the world, would prefer to have access to visitors who are healthy and are unlikely to become a burden to the health system.

Appeal directly to consulates in Canada

If you considered sending an application for a Super Visa to the Canadian immigration office to improve your chances of getting to the front line of applicants, this technique, unfortunately, usually does not work. CIC does not accept applications “in Canada” and instead requires parents and grandparents to apply for a Super Visa visa at a consulate or visa office in their home country.

However, there is one exception to this rule. If you are already in Canada for a six-month visit (for a temporary residence visa or tourist visa), you can contact the immigration office to take advantage of the two-year stay offered by Super Visa. In this case, you will need to apply for a Super Visa visa, including verifying the Super Visa insurance coverage in the Case Management Center located in Vegreville, Alberta, with a request to extend your stay for two years; Provided, of course, that you meet all the requirements and requirements.